AISHU big data infrastructure serves for a smarter future

For a smarter future

With innovative technologies, we are committed to providing a data security and availability solution with full coverage of DR capability level 1-6, including intelligent content management, intelligent data management featured by AIOps and data insight based on multi-modal knowledge graph. Then help clients to achieve industry digitalization from business intelligence, data intelligence to industry intelligence.

The Only All-size and All-scenario Backup & Recovery Cloud

The Only All-size and All-scenario Backup & Recovery Cloud

Under the wave of global digital transformation,enterprises are facing severe challenges such as explosive growth of data, super complex system and super heterogeneous environment. AnyBackup satisfies disaster recovery requirement from the first level to the sixth levels, ultra-low TCO, and minute-level RTO to solve the disaster recovery problems faced by all industries in the digital transformation.

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Productivity Platform in the Digital Era

Productivity Platform in the Digital Era

In the Digital Era, massive unstructured data, content security and content compliance have become three major challenges in enterprise content management. Through advanced content bus architecture, content data lake architecture, cloud native architecture and artificial intelligence technology, AnyShare not only contributes to global operation and diversified service enterprise culture, but also builds learning organization, manages and operates the digital assets.

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AIOps-Focused Agile Log Cloud

AIOps-Focused Agile Log Cloud

Backgrounded by complex IT environment and multi-business running simultaneously, enterprises are facing sever challenges, such as difficult log data management, frequent O&M breakdowns, unpredictable security loopholes etc. AISHU AnyRobot adopts edging AI and ML to pinpoint troubles and make risk predictions by aggregating, real-time monitoring and analyzing massive heterogonous data, empowering enterprises to achieve the ultimate goal AIOps.

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Productivity Platform in the Digital Era
Productivity Platform in the Digital Era

Business Continuity Service

In the digital economy era, business interruption causes huge losses. Also, existing business system development and future business construction investment bring huge challenges to IT architecture.
AISHU business continuity service honors its more than 10 years of professional experience, from top-level system design and technical architecture design, integrated development and delivery services, to on site operations and training services, effectively ensures business continuity.

Integrated service from consulting, planning and operation

Ecological Integration & Joint Innovation

Giants Intermarriage Accelerate Global Enterprise Digital Transformation

After years of close cooperation, AISHU has formed a series of joint innovation solutions with HUAWEI smart computing, infrastructure and HUAWEI cloud, which fully supports HUAWEI kunpeng ecosystem to serve the digital transformation of various industries in China, and also deployed the innovation solutions in more than 15 countries worldwide.

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Company Honors

Founded in 2006, as a trusted provider of big data infrastructure, AISHU is committed to helping customers from all walks of life fully release the value of data in the wave of digitalization to realize instant, real-time and anytime-anywhere data services.

2012 - 2017

Ranked No.2 in China’s PBBA


Gartner Challenger at CCP Magic Quadrant


Gartner CSP Honorable Mentions

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