Backup & Recovery Challenges in Digital Era

AnyBackup is a leader in China

What is AnyBackup Family 7?

AnyBackup Family 7

Full Lifecycle Management for Backup & Recovery

What is Backup & Recovery Cloud ?

The only All-size and All-scenario Backup & Recovery Cloud

For All Sizes

AnyBackup is a product family which contains different products for SMB, Mid-size, and Enterprise.

For All Scenarios

Product Comparison of AnyBackup Family 7

AnyBackup CDM 7 AnyBackup Cloud 7 AnyBackup Express 7
Customer For Enterprise and Mid-size Cloud Application SMB Only
Cloud Infrastructure On-Premise or Private Cloud Public Cloud or Managed Cloud On-Premise or Private Cloud
Purchase Appliance or Software Monthly or Annually Appliance or Software
Key Differences

Support Copy Data Management

Support Continuous Data Protection

Support Host Backup and Restore

Support Scale-out Architecture

Cloud Availability

Cloud Data Protection

SMBs-level Data Protection

Only Host Backup and Restore


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