Data Protection Challenges in Digital Era

Fail to satisfy different SLAs

Fail to satisfy different SLAs

Increasingly diversified workloads compel users to choose multiple backup vendors for different SLAs, which not only complicates DR architecture, but increases data loss risks.

Difficult to achieve availability goals

Difficult to achieve availability goals

Global data volume will grow to 175ZB in 2025. Thousands of virtual machines, cloud hosts, and databases in data center pose significant challenges to the achievement of availability goals.



Many companies will spend 15%-20% of annual IT investment on disaster recovery. However, backup data cannot be used for Data Analytics or Dev/Test.

AnyBackup CDM 7 satisfies different SLAs for physical, virtual and cloud environments

:AnyBackup CDM


:Tiered Data Protection

Tiered Data Protection

Protect Physical, Virtual and Cloud

Unified data protection:Protects mainstream workloads in hybrid IT environments with one single solution

Comprehensive protection:Protects modern workloads such as SAP HAHA and Hadoop in addition to the application platforms in traditional IT environments

:Flash Recovery

Flash Recovery

Achieve Minute-level RTO & RPO for PB Level Data

Copy data management:Achieves flash recovery for massive critical data, achieving minute-level RTO

Continuous data protection:Provides real-time backup and real-time replication which takes over business promptly when disaster happens

:Dev/Test & Analytics

Dev/Test & Analytics

Improve ROI of DR Construction

Abundant data services:Provides Dev/Test, BI data extraction and Big data extraction to enhance backup data utilization

Lower data access pressure:Extracts data based on copy data instead of production data, thus reducing the overhead on production business


Flash Recovery

Flash Recovery

According to Gartner, the average loss per minute caused by unexpected downtime achieves as high as $5,600, which requires extremely high availability. With superior disaster recovery technologies, AnyBackup CDM enables fast recovery even for PB-level dat

Satisfies different RPO/RTO objectives for different business systems based on CDP, CDM and backup

Improves 20x more recovery performance through virtual clone and minute-level instant recovery



AnyBackup CDM supports minute-level data recovery based on any point in time to meet frequent requirements of Dev/Test to accelerate business innovation

Generates multiple readable and writable copies for data validation through virtual clone

Automatically updates the mounted virtual copy data to the latest status by active clone

BI Data Extraction

BI Data Extraction

AnyBackup CDM collects data based on copy data instead of production data, reducing access pressure on business data and instantly providing needed data even at peak hours

Supports any point-in-time mounting, providing data of any historical time for data extraction

Collects data based on copy data, thus reducing the impact on production business

Big Data Extraction

Big Data Extraction

Building a big data center to accelerate data converge and break up data silos has become an inevitable trend in the digital era. AnyBackup CDM collects data based on copy data, satisfying both data disaster recovery and data collection

Integrates disaster recovery and data collection, reducing costs for branch offices

Provides additional value for disaster recovery construction through collection on copy data

No complex logic layer data collection change if the business environment changes, thus management is simplified

Broad Ecosystem Integration

Trusted by numerous well-known customers

Ministry of Finance :Ministry of Financecase

National Ministry

Provides unified disaster recovery and intelligent management solution for the large-scale ministry system as the industry-leading domestic disaster recovery product.

Ministry of Public Security :Ministry of Public Securitycase

National Ministry

Achieves minute-level availability of critical business data and provides abundant data services with Copy Data Management.

State Grid Corporation of China :State Grid Corporation of Chinacase

The 5th in Fortune Global 500

Provides minute-level data recovery for the critical business data in data centers and provincial companies to achieve minute-level RTO with Copy Data Management.


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