Backup and recovery:

Massive data

2018 Enterprise survey results

64% of companies will use bimodal IT 75% of enterprises will employ the container-based cloud-native architecture

Popularization of cloud-native applications

2018 Enterprise survey results

81% multi-cloud environment 51% hybrid cloud environment

Lots of heterogeneous cloud platforms

AnyBackup Family 7

Provides innovative solution for modern data center

Backup and recovery:Anybackup 7

Our Advantages

Traditional Backup AnyBackup Family 7
Positioning As a tool only DR data service platform
Scenario TB-level PB-EB level
Protected-object Data-level only Data, platform and application
DR Level Tier 0-3 only Tier 0-6
Core Technology Backup Set Tier 0-3: Backup Set
Tier 4-5: CDM and CDP
Tier 6: Gateway & Active-Active storage, business continuity services
RPO&RTO Day-level and hour-level Hour-level, minute-level and second-level
Data Validation High-cost and time consuming Instant data validation
DR Exercise Manual only Unified orchestration of DR verification plan and auto testing with detailed report
Data Leverage Used to restore Any point in time data can be mounted for Dev/Test, query and analysis

Our Ecosystem

full-stack hyper-available ecology construction:Partner
Database and Application
full-stack hyper-available ecology construction:Database & App
Cloud Infrastructure
full-stack hyper-available ecology construction:Cloud Platform Infrastructure
Base Chip
full-stack hyper-available ecology construction:Base Chip

Innovative Hyper-converged CDM Appliance

The innovator of full-stack hyper-available core technologies

Superb Performance

Massive data protection

Large Capacity

EB-level data volume

Simplified Deployment

Fully hyper-converged-based architecture

Business Continuity Services (BCS)

Combined with over 10 years extended industry expertise

Business Continuity Consulting Service
Before Purchase Topology Design DR & BCM Technical Architecture Design
Implementation App Development Installation & Deployment
Maintenance Education Service Business Continuity Management Residency Services
Consulting + Design + Operation

Trusted by customers worldwide for Digital Transformation

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