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How to conduct remote recruitment? Look here!

1866 0 2020-04-24

HR needs to deal with colleagues in various departments in daily work. Facing the remote recruitment, all communication and coordination have been transferred online, which is unlike previous face-to-face exchanges. Recruitment needs, resume opinions, interview evaluation and other work involve many people such as HR, head of the employment department, interviewer, applicant and so on. The collection and approval of hundreds of requirements, the distribution of resumes and works, the evaluation of interviews, and offer processing ... How should the information be aggregated to improve collaboration?

AnyShare document synchronization, sharing and form collaboration capabilities will solve HR's worries and fear of complicated recruitment work.

Challenge 1: There are so many and scattered needs and opinions, and it is difficult to collect and summarize

When HR collects Recruitment needs, it communicates with the employing departments almost through email. During this process, a large amount of communication information and email attachments will be generated. The summary work relies entirely on HR to check the mail one by one, and finally manually summarize all the key information. This method not only increases the workload, but also easily leads to errors in the entered information. In addition, the recruitment approval also needs to send emails to leaders at all levels again, and the summary of feedback faces the same difficulties. How to improve the efficiency of data aggregation and reduce the risk of misoperation?

AnyShare online form & QQ, WeChat and other IM tools can quickly summarize recruitment needs, feedback, and simplify the approval process.

HR can use the AnyShare online form to create a standard recruitment demand collection form, send the form link via email to the head of the employing department to fill in, and after each employing department fills out and submits, all recruitment data is automatically aggregated into a form, the format is uniform, no need to HR rearranged.

The data can be directly exported to an Excel file and submitted to the HR manager / director for approval. The number of requirements, JD and other requirements can be filtered according to post and department to complete the approval.
The form link can be shared with relevant persons in charge through corporate WeChat, email, etc.

Challenge 2: The difficulty of the remote interview collaboration

The remote interview needs close collaboration between HR, the employment department and the interviewer. During this process, HR need select and recommend the resumes to the interviewers through WeChat, email, etc., which is not only a heavy workload, but also inconvenient to search in the future. Meanwhile, facing lots of candidates, each interviewer will have different opinions. How to summarize all interview opinions, organize and analyze the interview results efficiently?

AnyShare + AnyShare online form + mail, cross-department collaboration can be more convenient and efficient.

Resumes and personal portfolio can be stored through AnyShare uniformly, and configuration permissions are shared with interviewers. No matter where the interviewer is, he/she can open AnyShare at any time to find the resumes and portfolios of all interview candidates, which benefits the interviewer to search the information conveniently.

The task of summarizing interview opinions can also be given to the AnyShare online form. HR can customize a unified interview evaluation form through an online form. After every round of interview, the interviewer can fills in the interview evaluation through the form link. The interview evaluation data can be automatically summarized in the background for HR to review.

HR can export the interview evaluation data at any time, and HR can screen out all the interview evaluation to evaluate whether the candidate can be hired.

AnyShare builds a communication and coordination bridge between HR and various departments, from the information collection stage to the interview opinion summary, and finally finishing the interview evaluation. As a result, AnyShare provides HR with improved efficiency, reduced risk, and a powerful boost.


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