AnyShare Offer a New Option for Telecommuting

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak all over the world, Many companies have started telecommuting for the health of their employees. AnyShare will provide a plate Content Management Platform for all these companies.
  • For Human Resources Department
During the hiring process, AnyShare will help HR gather requirements and screen resumes online, So as to improve the efficiency of recruitment.
  • For Product Department
Since product management involves communicating and collaborating with multiple departments of the company, telecommuting presents challenges to the daily work of product departments. With AnyShare, product managers can set up a unified document library, which can be synchronized to the cloud after updating, and all colleagues can view it online.
  • For Marketing Department
During the outbreak, many marketing activities have to carry out online.
When collecting data, marketers can use AnyShare to unify the management of documents and cooperate with each other; When sharing files, marketers can share instant sync updates with one click; While making videos, marketers can use AnyShare's streaming feature to instantly review videos, saving them long download waits.
  • For Sales Department
Through AnyShare, salesmen can establish a sales information repository to manage customer information and project documents in an orderly manner. When communicating with customers, salesmen can quickly find relevant information. AnyShare can also be used in conjunction with sales systems to simplify business processes, reduce workload, and improve information security.

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