AnyShare —Digital Helper of Online Teaching

Because of the covid-19 outbreak, Many schools can only carry out distance education online. During this period, A famous high school in China —The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China (RDFZ), build a repository based on AnyShare Intelligent Content Cloud.
The school repository can be used by teachers and students for courseware sharing, document collaboration, homework correction, etc. AnyShare provided nearly 50T of storage space for all teachers and students to upload and download, and the number of downloads per week was more than 800,000. This not only provides an efficient platform for remote collaboration between teachers, but also facilitates the management and sharing of educational resources.
Considering the difficulties of schools during the epidemic, AISHU service team is specialized in following up RDFZ, providing technical support, timely solving problems, and making every effort to ensure the smooth progress of online teaching. In the adaptation test of the 2020 Beijing college entrance examination (Gaokao), organized by Beijing's haidian district, students took the exam online at home. For this test, AISHU service team made an emergency guarantee plan and arranged engineers to monitor the operation of the online platform in real time, which finally ensured the smooth progress of the test.
To thank AISHU for the help, RDFZ sent a commendatory letter to AISHU service team. In the future, AISHU will continue to provide abundant data services to help more schools and companies to speed up the resumption of work.

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